Who we are

Défitech was born from a long experience and know-how in the production industry.Défitech designs foam and suction cup grippers for robotics, cobotics and machines.

Our integrated design office can take charge of your specific projects from design to delivery.

Our objective is to offer you "ready to mount" grippers on your robots. Our mastery of carbon allows us to produce complete and complex assemblies combining robustness, ultra-lightness and design.

Our core business, carbon, also allows us to offer custom carbon cutting for all your parts.

Our values

Our values, which are the innovation, the made in France as well as the listening of the customer make us a company close to the actors participating in the development of the company.


Our technical sales representatives are in constant communication with our design offices in order to bring you the best possible solutions. Our Flexi carbon gripper can be customized according to your needs. Our Flexi carbon grippers are equipped with a wide range of quality foam and suction cups.


Défitech is a French company based in the heart of the Savoies. All our products are developed and built in our premises.

PATENT REGISTERED : our technology has been protected by several patents and design registrations.


Our design office in collaboration with our technical sales staff is constantly innovating to offer you the best answer to your needs. For more than 5 years we have been developing grippers for different applications and different products. This gives us a great experience that will allow us to meet your expectations.