Delfin Industrial Vacuums

Who we are

Dirt, dust, powders,liquids and other contaminants threaten product purity, employee safety, and the overall efficiency of your operations during the manufacturing process. Delfin Industrial Vacuums helps you choose the right industrial vacuum system ( mobile, centralized or other) to prevent risks and improve your productivity.

Our team of factory-trained sales managers is at your service to understand your needs and recommend the right suction unit for you.

Conveying mixes, compounds and materials in a production cycle, the safe extraction of hazardous materials such as explosive powders, inflammable liquids and toxic substances. There is no impossible application for Delfin’s industrial vacuums and our centralized vacuum systems.

Plus, as a real manufacturer Delfin has the possibility to internally design and customize its machines, in order to meet the end user requirements. This feature is partucularly appreciated by many leading OEM manufacturers around the globe, who have chosen Delfin for its flexibility and efficiency.x


Delfin is a story of passion. Its founder, Mr. Antonino Siclari, began its activities thanks to his personal interest in the development of vacuuming systems. Even today, he has the same passion that drives innovation and research processes.

Since 2009 we operate directly on the German market with a wholly owned subsidiary, the Delfin Industriesauger Deutschland GmbH. In 2013 we also opened Delfin Asia Pacific, our new subsidiary in Vietnam, in order to provide a better distribution service throughout the Southeast Asia and Oceania. In 2017, we opened the american branch, Delfin Industrial Corporation for the north american market.

Our values

Our Mission: is to create innovative solutions to increase Efficiency, Safety and Productivity

Every day we create innovative solutions to improve production efficiency, ensure safety and to increase productivity.

Today you can find us all over the world, with own subsidiaries and more than 250 partners and retailers, who represent our brand, supply our products and guarantee support in over 100 countries.

We believe in a business model that puts the customer at its core:
Through non-stop development of equipment and solutions, and continuous improvement quality standards, we have achieved customer trust and reputation for excellence in several industries worldwide.

Delfin always involves its customers from the early stages, when designing new services and equipment. We offer customised products and solutions responding to their specific needs, along with exclusive services to increase their satisfaction.

Every step of the process in the manufacturing of finished products is monitored meticulously: this has enabled us to achieve several among the most important quality certifications.

Thanks to our large warehouse in Italy, branch offices and partners worldwide, we can guarantee non-stop and fast availability of spare parts and accessories.

We provide our partners and customers with a dedicated Support Team, ongoing training programs and fast delivery time of finished products.