Detection Technology

Who we are

Detection Technology is a global provider of off-the-shelf and customized X-ray imaging solutions for medical, security and industrial applications. We have wide X-ray imaging solutions portfolio, ranging from photodiodes to optimized detector subsystems with ASICs, electronics, mechanics and software. Our solutions meet the performance and reliability requirements of the most stringent applications like high-end CT systems.

Detection Technology has been serving over 25 years the main players in the industry with cumulative number of solutions shipped being over 2.5 million. Our personal and customer-oriented cooperation throughout the product life cycle from the developement to volume production, is a commercial advantage and ensures mutual success. We build our relationships with our customers based on openness – we listen to customer needs and are flexible to change.

Our values

is at the heart of everything we do.

stands for smooth customer experience.

means seeking learning and growth.

is about the journey not only the outcome.