DLL Partners

Who we are

DLL Partners is one of the fastest-growing companies in Poland providing complex telecommunication and teleinformatics solutions based on fibre optic technlogy.

Our company was founded in 2002 by a group of graduates of the Technical University of Szczecin. We exclusively represent our own capital (100%), have the best engineers and provive proprietary solutions.

In the opinion of professionals, technological solutions supplied by DLL Partners are equal in quality to the solutions of world-famous manufacturers. Our engineers and specialists are constantly working to provice new, cutting-edge technology in the fiber optics market. Our success derives from investment in science, development and know-how.

DLL Partners is one of the few Polish companies that produce pachcords and pigtails based on all the available fibre optical connectors:
SC, FC, ST, LC, MU, E2000, MT-RJ, DIN.

Polishing in standards:
Flat, PC, SPC, UPC, APC 8°, APC 9°.

Therefore, we can guarantee secure and quick deliveries even in the case of non-standard orders. Our offer also includes a full array of passive elements of fibre-optic trunk lines:

optical fiber cables,

fiber optic splitters,

WDM, CWDM and DWDM elements,

optical fibre attenuators,

fibre optical isolators,

fibre optic polarisers, fiber optic splicing closures, splice trays, fiber optic distribution frames, cable overlength boxes, data communication cabinets and housings.

The technical department of DLL Partners develops polishing procedures for patchcords and pigtails on the basis of technologies for machine polishing of fibre optical connectors. This technology guarantees the highest quality of the fibre optic connectors installed.

Our values

The proof of our reliability and the quality is customer satisfaction. Thanks to their trust, constantly expanding our product portfolio, we employ over 70 people. Our products are delivered to the biggest moguls, among others of the telecommunications, IT and energy sectors in Poland and in the world.

Reliability and good quality of our products confirm by constantly ongoing research. Results of DLL Partners Laboratory Test Measuring are confirmed by outside laboratories, among others: Laboratory Quality fixture and Telecommunications Equipment at the Faculty of Electrical ZUT in Szczecin.

Our products are compliant with, among others, ZN-05 / TP SA-044, ZN-96 / TP SA-07, EN 50377, IEC 61754, IEC 61755 and RoHS.