Dropsa spa

Who we are

Since 1946 Dropsa has been producing centralized lubrication systems and components developing many ideas and products that have shaped our industry.
Today our innovation is ever present showcasing new products and technology to the global market.

DropsA was the first lubrication company in Italy accredited with ISO 9001 in 1995 and has built on this since. Our quality system is the basis for the management and governance of all processes inside and outside our organization.

Continuous investment has been made in all aspects of product design and manufacturing to continually increase the reliability of our products that face ever harsher environments.

All our production and assembly facilities operate under extensive quality monitoring and product tracking to ensure both the highly efficient machining and assembly of products to exacting specifications.

Our machining and automated assembly production facility based near Milan, Italy, is equipped with some of the most advanced manufacturing systems in the industry operated around-the-clock with real-time updating and monitoring.

Our values

Develop high performance simple-to-use products that address customer applications in a cost effective manner.
Maximize customer profitability and productivity by offering cutting edge technology in systems, components and operation.
Provide quick response times, installation and support to customers operating both at local and global level.
Maintain excellent standards to all customer locations worldwide with our network of Dropsa companies and specialized distribution channels.
Establish a global presence with exceptional support.