Who we are

DSE INC., manufacturer of HIBOX, is making continuous efforts and is consistently researching for the purpose of developing human resources for technological innovation befitting the 21st century and manufacturing products of supreme quality.

While supporting the "Quality first" policy, we promise to do our best with renewed determination and belief in order to grow into a forefront enterprise recognized world widely.

Our values

* As the prodct is delivered from the manufacturing in a finished state, it is equipped with patented draw-latches, hinges and special locking devices, it's use is convenient.

* The product's appearance is graceful, ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), PC(Polycarbonate) and polyester have been applied to ensure durability.

* The product weights approximately 1/4 the weight of an iron box and can be easily installed or moved. The product is free from corrosion, carries superio insulation.

* The product has been perfected to the highest commercial standards through reinforcement of the box's thickness by more than 30% over existing plastic electric boxes.

* The quality system is on the strict quality control and the precise molding, the products obtained European community CE Mark, Germany TUV Mark, ISO approval.

* At the outset in our country, a recognition of plastic electric Box's safety explosion proof was authenticated and the product appends to the substances of electromagnetic interference (E.M.I) and static electricity prevention, and it attaches importance to the protection of relevant apparatuses such as internal parts and electricity-electron etc.

* As for the new product Economy Box series, its capacity and working efficiency are most excellent and also it has a high competitive power with the low price on the steel Box level.

* The grafted HI BOX and Multipurpose Frame are very simple to install also both of waterproof and dustproof were perfectly settled by a strict quality control. (IP 67)