Who we are

DYCOMETAL EQUIPOS CONTROL DE CALIDAD, S.L., is a Spanish designer and manufacturer, with more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of chambers for environmental tests, corrosion and IP test.

Our flexibility and ability to adapt our equipment to the demands of customers, allows us to supply equipment for all types of markets: automotive, aeronautics, aerospace, electronics, construction materials, etc.

Dycometal is the leading company in the supply of equipment for environmental testing in Spain, with a growing international expansion with more than 20 distributors worldwide.

Our values

- Guidance, manufacturing and development to offer the most appropriate product to our customers

- Robustness and manufacturing reliability

- High technical experience to offer the most suitable product

- Knowledge and high experience of our Technical Department

- Flexibility, design and construction

- Production tailored by and for the client..

- Quality of after-sales technical service.

- Constant update of our devices.