Who we are

Ecco Finishing AB is a manufacturer of quality products for application of liquid paint, wax, glue and sealing materials. This experience goes back more than 80 years since the start of the company in 1931. Since July 2019 Ecco Finishing AB is part of Carlisle Fluid Technologies, Inc. a global leader in applied finishing solutions. “It is with great pleasure that we extend a warm welcome to the Ecco team as they join CFT,” said Shelley Bausch, president, Carlisle Fluid Technologies. “Ecco has built a solid reputation supplying customers with reliable and durable finishing products for leather, ceramics and other industrial applications. Its innovative 3D sealant gun is a great addition to our growing portfolio of sealants and adhesives application equipment.”

Ecco offers distinct technological capabilities in the sealants and adhesives space, with their Ecco-415, Ecco-475, and Ecco-480 3D sealant applicators. Their compact design and low weight make them an ideal choice for seam sealing, underbody sealing/spraying and liquid applied sound deadening (LASD) applications.

“The acquisition of Ecco is another important step forward in the development of our sealants and adhesives offering platform,” said James Stephenson, vice president, Global Business Development at CFT. “Ecco is the industry leader in 3D sealant gun technology and provides new capabilities that will help CFT deliver robust sealing application solutions to our customers worldwide. We are looking forward to driving synergies with our recent acquisitions of Integrated Dispense Solutions and Shinhang into a robust solution set for our customers.”

Our values


More than ever production people are focusing on optimizing output. This means improving first time quality of finished goods, reducing production costs and reducing down time of production lines. What is more irritating and potentially costly than a break down in production due to a failing part in the system? Thus we focus on providing the best quality products and reliability to respond to the concerns of the demanding industrial finishing process.  

We choose the finest materials in order to ensure authentic Swedish quality. ECCO Finishing AB is certified according to the ISO-9001 quality standards and 14001 environtental standards.

Our presence around the world