ECM Technologies

Who we are

"We started heat-treating furnaces in 1928. Since that time, ECM Technologies’ personnel has always been totally committed to extending its knowledge in the fields of temperature control, high pressure, vacuum and material behaviour.
We want to be where technological challenges of the future take place... because our expertise can benefit all industrial thermal applications with high added value".

Our values

01 Innovation:
to give more value to heat treating.
02 Quality:
we owe it to each of our customers.
03 Customers satisfaction:
this is the first indicator of our performance.
04 Solidarity:
this is the cement which unites our teams worldwide.
05 Proximity:
to be close to our customers, wherever they are.

"The strength of our company is its people."

"Low pressure carburizing, high pressure gas quenching for high volume production…We are there to make our customer’s heat treatments improve…"