E.F.S. (Etude Fabrication Service)

Who we are

Designer and manufacturer of innovativing & powerful industrial equipments.

EFS is a designer and manufacturer of innovating & powerful industrial equipments since 40 years. We run every step of your project with a real engaged determination to achievement & satisfaction. Our expertise releases on our own team experience, historic partners and valued suppliers.

Our strengths
Our main advantage is being a well sized team to cover elaborated projects and remain proactive & close to our customers.
We offer dedicated services. EFS gives the right contribution to customer need and situation, even it’s a start-up, small company or large firm.

Our expertise
Our studying department offers its knowledge, versatility & flexibility at each project step. EFS designs, industrializes, and manufactures mechatronic products with our expertise in the fields of electronics, optics, electrotechnics, mechanics, plastics, hydraulics and computer programming systems. All our equipments are developed then produced in our Company near Lyons from 10 units up to 5000 per year with dedicated tools for small & medium batch releases.

Worldwide leader in diesel injection system test with over 80 installed benches, we also develop and contributes in water quality analysis, power conversion, instrumentation, IOT connected products.

Our values

Our ethics :

We respect people.
We cultivate balanced exchanges with our colleagues, customers or suppliers to build confident relationships.

We factually approach situations, without taboo or conservatism, in order to provide each situation the best answer.

We act with rigor and professionalism optimizing resources and chasing waste.
We seek to ensure efficient R&D and production excellence.

We take and keep our commitments, within our colleagues, customers, partners, and also socially and environmentally.