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Ekin Industrial has entered the heating - cooling sector by selling plate heat exchanger first. Since that time, Ekin has expanded into new and upcoming investments with its customer focused vision and dynamic approach.

One of the main steps was gaining the identity of being a producer. Ekin Industrial has started the production of plate heat exchangers with the brand of 'MIT'

We grew in the philosophy of quality, through initially adapting to ISO Quality Management System procedures, and completed the CE security and quality certification period, and have matched foreign standards like GOST.

MIT plate heat exchanges, has now become a considerable solution to engineering problems in the world market and have grown through an expansion of franchises.

"Engineering Approaches, Integrated Solutions"

Ekin Industrial is aiming to solve problems in the sector with regular investments in MIT plate heat exchangers and the identity of producer and engineer vision. To meet these views, Ekin Industrial has expanded into the new areas like production of components, sales and after sales service by employing expert engineers.

Ekin Industrial is an expert company which has wide product range includes plate heat exchangers, accumulatoin tanks, water heater tanks, installation .

Our values

Politics of Institutionalisation

Our customer focused strategy and aiming the ‘best ‘,giving the necessary value to human resources,to be aware of that creating development resources,to be aware of giving power to our country is our main policy.

Since 2005 year to this,EKIN Industrial is leading the heating – cooling sector with expriences of year s and success story. Ekin Industrial is contiuning giving value the sector with MIT label products and creating new developments with its various product range, fast logistics, design differences, quality understanding, manufacturing process,before/after sales services and expert engineer squad…

Ekin Industrial provides MIT label products with customer focused approach to fulfill customers request. Ekin Industrial develops its manufacturing and service processes with new technologies and new designs on HVAC sector.
Ekin Industrial is combining its marketing understanding and modern manufacturing process with expert engineer’s experiences . While raising its standarts on heating – cooling areas, at the same time Ekin aims to grow Turkey on this area.

Mission: Our young and dynamic engineers who understand customer’s needs , expactations and gain customer’s trust, help development of our country with new technologies and quality manufacturing process.

Vision: To carry our leadership in Turkey to the world and to make MIT brand one of most valuable brands in the world in 2023.

Quality policy: Ekin Industrial plays an important role in national and international competitions with not only its economic advantages also its quality , reliability and fast logistics actions.

During this period, Ekin Industrial which manufactures regarding to TSE quality standarts and ISO 9001:2008-CE quality system management standarts, became a trustable company with its service process and quarantee conditions.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Policy : Our all staffs deserve to work in a healthy and safe environment, "the philosophy of OHS policy consists of the following principles.

• Ekin Industrial declares to create minimal risk reduction by making risk analysis of the entire company to provide a healtier and safer work enviroment.
• To provide continous improvement and development works with OHS applications
• To arrange trainings to make employees aware of their personal responsibilities
• To behave regarding to rules of occupational health and safety policy and laws

Enviroment Policy
Our company which gets busy heating – cooling and air conditioning sector, works as innovator and respectful company to enviroment in national and international competitons and globelized world.

For this purpose , to use natural resources carefully,to care our enviromental waste, to act regarding to legal laws , to organise educations about globelized world and to support developments in this area are our main policies.

Social Responsibility

For EKİN Industrial, "Corporate Social Responsibility" is not a requirement.

This is the behaviour that we internalize with our employees and all of our departments, that is not a obligation , that is responsibility.

With this approach ,we create an awareness about the future of our country and world. We strive to bring this awereness to the wider environment as possible.
With our ‘Corporate Social Responsibility understanding, we support education,health and enviromental issues with a great interest. We’re working diligently to fullfill our responsibilities to our employees and their families,our customers,our dealers,universities,social organizations and other stakeholders.

Our sensitivity about the enviroment, continues as a part of social activity ,alongside production. Beside the projects that we have accomplished, we contribute to growth of enviromentally friendly genereation and in order to light the way for future generations,we support the projects created by students, with all our strenght.

As EKİN Industrial, within the context of social responsibility , we have given numerous support to local and cultural projects so far.In addition, we take priority evalution for the demands and needs of projects which are from our region.

In the field of education , we have supported so many projects so far. We keep supporting the projects that we work with students from prestigious universities from Turkey about innovation,renewable energy and R&D work,according to sufficiency and importance of the projects.

In the field of health , we cooperate with major civil society organizations. We organize seminars to inform our employees about the topics like,harm of smoking,voluntary blood donation…etc. At every oppurtinity, we wholeheartly support projects in the field of health.

As EKİN Industrial , all areas that we contribute, we take our steps with a vision to be the leader and example of the community. We’re moving to invest to economy of our country and contribute to employment. We’re also very careful about producing lasting benefits of the projects and we support to create sustainable impact on our corporate social responsibility activities.

Using all kinds of resources that nature offers us,we also show respect to humanity,new generations and ourselves.Recycling is also really important for our company.
For all these reasons, as EKİN Industrial , we use our oppurtinies more wisely and we try to use recycling most efficiently as possible.

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