Who we are

Eldon's comprehensive range of electrical enclosures are both user-friendly and made for any working environment, no matter how harsh or clinically clean.

By clicking the play button of our corporate video you can access real client testimonials and information about Eldon’s can-do approach to delivering solutions for any enclosure need, on time and wherever wanted. The video demonstrates our professional business approach that supports customers in achieving real benefits and reduced costs by choosing Eldon’s enclosure solutions.

Our values

As a global business, Eldon knows it does not exist in isolation. What we do as a manufacturer of quality industrial enclosures sold in over 50 countries has an impact on the wider world.

Our employees depend on our business success, while the local communities where we manufacture, our customers and our suppliers are all impacted by what we do in one way or another. The environment too is impacted by the way we make and distribute our products.

At Eldon, we show corporate social responsibility (CSR) by managing our business process so that we have an overall positive impact on society. We know that taking a responsible line as a business benefits everyone, employees, customers, the environment as well as our own bottom line.

Our presence around the world