ELEN, s.r.o.

Who we are

ELEN, s.r.o. company was started in 1991 by design engineers who were involved in applications of microprocessor controlled technologies in the field of automation and robotics. Since its start the company has specialised in development and manufacturing of large size information and displaying LED panels.

R&D engineers of the company closely follow new trends and technologies in the field of information LED displays as well as components for their production. This leads to a design of final products at a high technological level. The quality of the technical design, selection of suitable components and observation of technological discipline in manufacturing ensure high reliability of the manufactured products.

Company e-mail contact: sales@elen.sk

Our values

Dear Customers,

If your projects provide textual or numerical information, which you would like to show on a large size LED display, you are in the right place. ELEN company has been developing and manufacturing such products for over 25 years. We want to be partners and contribute to your satisfaction by our added value. We offer a wide range of numeric and alphanumeric LED displays for a variety of applications. You can find them in our products catalog.

The customer's satisfaction is the main goal of our company. Based on our experience, which we have gained over the years, we offer free advice to all those who are interested and need help in the selection of suitable large size LED display for a each specific application.