Elsys AG

Who we are

Elsys AG is a leading manufacturer of Data Acquisition Hardware and Software. Elsys delivers turn-key measurement solutions for a variety of industry sectors like aviation, transportation, power, ballistics or general R&D.

Some of the application are:

- Efficiency measurements at power inverters
- Measuring electrical switching effects
- Distortion analysis in power electronics assemblies
- Cylinder pressure indexing
- Monitoring engines ignition sequences
- Sound pressure measurements
- Non-destructive testing of structures
- Vibration testing

Elsys Data Acquisition products can consist of a simple 4 channel DAQ card up to a high channel count, multi-instrument and distributed measurement system.

Our values

Some of the key-values are:

- High DC precision < 0.1%
- Simultaneous Sampling rate from 2 MHz up to 240 MHz
- 14 and 16 Bit resolution
- Input Range up to 100 V
- ICP/IEPE powering of pressure and acceleration sensors
- Hard disk streaming
- Single ended or differential inputs
- Powerful Software package with sophisticated post analysis possibilities.