Who we are


Manufacturer with a well-recognized expertise, EMG has developed, for the last 3 generations, a wide range of products and services appreciated by the manufacturers all around the world. Used successfully since 1966 in numerous industry sectors, EMG presses have been the most reliable partner of manufacturers, offering equipments synonymous to precision and durability.

Benefitting from a strategy dedicated to quality and active search of performances, EMG equipments ensure competitivity, reliability and durability which are the core values for productivity of companies in numerous domains:

Watchmaking, jewellery making,

Spectacle trade,

Electrical appliances,

Car making,

White goods, toys,

Locksmiths trade…

Our presses are delivered with an operating manual, EC conformity statement and drawings. They have the benefit of a one year total warranty for parts, labour and travel.

Our values

EMG has earned its reputation of excellence thanks to its integrated design and production methods and a solid technological prowess.

This is backed up by an efficient distribution network, in compliance with the expectations of manufacturers.

The most various works are operated smoothly thanks to the power reserve of each model and the very rigorous unit's accuracy. The whole EMG range offers a wide choice of work applications and customizations (taylor-made): Self-management of the design/manufacturing process, the LONG company undertakes to design and fit the special press that your line of business is requesting.

Our presence around the world