Emmegi Group

Who we are


Emmegi is a reference point in the sector of machining systems for aluminium profiles, light alloy, PVC and iron and is now a recognised partner in the consulting process. There are no secrets behind the company's success. There is just work, passion, dedication, skill, professionalism, research, investments and the capability for analysis combined with an innovative spirit. Emmegi is a customer-oriented company: we all work with constant dedication to anticipate our customers' requirements, create hi-tech, high-performance, and reliable solutions, and recommend the best manufacturing options. Moreover, our timely and skilled After-Sales Service will always guarantee the availability of products and services.


Emmegi's history started back in 1970 in Limidi di Soliera (Modena, Italy) where our main headquarters are still located. During all these years, we have never stopped. We have always looked forward to new goals, paving new roads, earning the trust of new markets. Our international orientation is confirmed by the substantial share of overall production that is destined for export, and by the several branches that operate around the world. The company is aims at exploring additional commercial outlets, with a marketing-oriented philosophy, which is based on ongoing innovation, and on an increasing presence abroad. This allows the same kind of approach to the customer that the group has used for years in the primary markets where it operates.This outlook has also allowed EMMEGI to sharpen its focus on its products, assessing specific market features, which have been incorporated in a context increasingly inspired by principles of standardisation and efficiency, even in the very first stages.

Our constant focus on market demands and customer requirements has always spurred us to think about new manufacturing needs and to undertake new adventures; in recent years, this has opened up a new chapter in our story: a new product line for PVC. Backed by the experience and expertise acquired in the sector of aluminium and light alloys, the idea was to create a complete range of products dedicated to PVC; an extremely innovative line, and, at the same time, highly standardised in relation to the company's other products.


Functional and stylistic uniformity of the entire range; fully interconnected production system, ease of use, reduced set-up times, high productivity, quality, precision, and reliability. Not to mention the advantages of having one reference contact every time you need assistance!

We are always there for you.

Our values

Parallel tracks that converge in a single spirit. A Spirit leading the company to simultaneously being a quality guarantee and state-of-the-art certainty. Emmegi is not a simple production reality. It is an integrated system of solutions working together to guarantee customers with efficiency and reliability throughout their production cycle. From designing to logistics, from administrative management to information technology, up to sales and technical assistance.
A circle that closes without leaving anything to chance.
“To be near customers in every way, to understand the specificity and criticality of each market and to propose “standard” and “ad hoc” solutions.
To support and develop our customers’ business activities, with the added value of our process experience. To become a global point of reference for operators in the sector”.