Estic Corporation

Who we are

We are committed to the concepts of "high precision", "automation", and "intelligence". We excel at developing, manufacturing, and selling both tools and facilities that contribute to quality control in various product assembly processes in the automotive industry and in other sectors. Quality control is very important! Particularly in the automotive industry, a falloff in quality such as a loosened screw may result in a serious mechanical failure, injury, or accident. In response to the possible hazards, we endeavor to develop and manufacture products with great emphasis on safety. Being fully aware that people's lives depend on the security and reliability of our products.
We believe ideas for new product development begin in plants. "Please increase the functionality", "Please make it smaller", "Speed it up", our product had been developed by listening to the voice of customers. Now we aim to expand the business and build a sustainably growing company. We are not limited to one field, but challenge ourselves by entering new industries such as aerospace, railway, and robotics.
This concept of believing in our industry and providing our customers with the best possible product, while keeping the manufacturing cost low. This, I believe, is the foundation for a successful and a productive company. Our success depends on the foundation of creating the best products on the market and delivering them in a timely manner.

Our values

Estic contributes to improvement in quality, improvement in productivity, and energy savings as a leading manufacturer of electric pulse tools. Since we developed electrically controlled pulse tightening technology, which dramatically reduces reaction force during tightening. We were the first company to develop this technology in 2000. We focus on the highest level of tightening and provide the next step in the evolution of manufacturing and our company is globally supported with satisfaction.

We are expanding our electric pulse technology to cordless tools for an ever-growing market.

We continue to strive in product categories such as Handheld nutrunners, Fixtured nutrunners, cordless nutrunners, and servo presses, with the concepts of high accuracy, high speed, lightweight, and high value.

Our presence around the world