EWAC spol. s r.o.

Who we are

The company EWAC spol. s r.o. was established in 1998 in České Budějovice. At the start, the company was focused on providing services in the area of coagulation of paints and in the area of air filtration in industrial paint shops.

Later, we extended the core activity to production of technological devices for cleaning of process and circulatory waters in industrial paint shops. Recently, the company EWAC spol. s r.o. has focused on production of technological devices intended for cleaning of industrial waste waters.

In the area of coagulation of paints and cleaning of waste waters, the company EWAC spol. s r.o. proposes and delivers a complete assortment of chemical products. Proposals of chemistry needed are done in our own laboratory. Proposed solutions are in compliance with the latest knowledge and are in compliance with all legislative requirements.

The company is certified according to the quality management system standards EN ISO 9001:2001 and is also a holder of the certificate of environmental management according to the standard EN ISO 14001:2005.

Our values

The company EWAC spol. s r.o. has, since 1998, been amongst the most important suppliers of chemical products, air filters and technological devices intended mainly for industrial paint shops.

We approach each project or challenge individually and we try to present the best technical solution for every prospective or current customer.

In recent years, the company EWAC spol. s r.o. has invested into the development of new technologies intended for cleaning of industrial waste waters. In this area we have been intensively working on a complete performance series of compact technologies.

We want to extend the company focus to foreign markets. We also regard this trend as very important with respect to the stability of the company.

Main points of the company vision:

1. Deal fairly inside and outside of the company, build an environment of trust and active co-operation between employees and in relation to business partners.

2. Prepare these conditions for employees and co-operating partners in an environment of co-operation which will motivate them and allow them personal and professional growth. Employ innovative, creative and co-operative employees who share the vision and objectives of the company.

3. Use long-term experience and the latest development trends in economically and ecologically favourable conditions.

4. Create professional technical solutions for current and prospective customers.

5. Organize professional trainings and educational courses for our permanent customers in our own training centre.

6. Work on improvement of deliveries and services for our current and prospective customers.

7. Strengthen our position in the Czech and Slovak market within the area of industrial chemistry and air filtration.