Exner Process Equipment GmbH

Who we are

EXNER Process Equipment GmbH, based in Ettlingen, is in the middle of the Karlsruhe technology region. The medium-sized company has operated as an international provider of high-quality probe housings for pH measurement and optical sensors for the determination of cell growth and turbidity for more than 15 years. The owner-run company is characterised in particular by its accurate and long-lasting products, its agile and flexible way of doing things, and customer-specific solutions. The products developed and produced by the ISO9000-certified business offer the highest degree of variability and can therefore be configured to meet almost any requirement.

Customers from the chemical industry, in the bio and food technology sectors, and the pharmaceutical industry all benefit from their consulting and support services, as well as their innovative research and development division. Thanks to the combination of their expertise gained over many years and the use of new technologies, their products are being continuously developed and optimised for each area of application. So, the processes become safer, more efficient, and more accurate.

Our values

First and foremost are the needs of our customers. A short-term sales success alone does not count. We want to be a long-term and predictable partner for our customers.

To ensure constant success, permanent innovation and investment are essential. The basis for this is a sound economic framework.

A fair and equal treatment of customers, distributors and suppliers is natural for us. We strive for years of partnership based on fairness and trust.

Quality is our result of team spirit and cooperation. We make our customers and ourselves happy with our quality.

We live a corporate culture that allows us to integrate continuous improvements in all processes that fosters creativity and enables our employees to think and collaborate in a process-oriented way.

Our presence around the world