Expansion Electronic

Who we are

Expansion Electronic is a European leader in the production of filtration systems with electrostatic technology for air purification and sanitation for almost 40 years. The mission is to guarantee an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) through energy saving. Our filters and our technologies guarantee maximum comfort by reducing atmospheric pollutants by working with low energy consumption while respecting the environment. In fact, all our filters use renewable and recyclable materials for over 95%. This concept is summarized in our payoff: better air for a better quality of life. Over the years, Expansion Electronic has gained the leading role in the sector, thanks to the quality of its products documented by various International Certifications. The company produces exclusively in Italy and sells its products all over the world, Europe, Middle East, South America and Asia, with its own brand or with that of its international distributors. During these years, it has developed and innovated a wide range of products and systems dedicated to the needs of different environments and sectors such as residential, industrial, air treatment, health and food industry. The head office and the main production are established in Cartigliano, Vicenza-Italy, since 1981.

Our values