FABU Engineering Incorporation

Who we are

FABU is one of the leader manufacturer companies in Turkey, expertised in design and manufactuing of pneumatic construction and mining machines, since 1979. FABU has been exporting and serving high quality long lasting tools and machines to several markets including Europe, Africa, Canada, Middle East, Far East and Australia, with 40 year experience. FABU manufactures pneumatic breakers, chipping hammers, rammers, rock drills, concrete vibrators, guardrail post drivers, solar pile drivers, horizontal drilling moles for underground boring without trenching the road, down the hole hammers for boring. Please visit www.fabuas.com.tr to see entire product range and product catalogues. FABU provides product warranty with after sales service.

Our values

Our vision is to supply high quality technological products to the industry with the conscious of environment, providing high level of customer satisfacton and the sustainability of FABU brand. FABU has the ability to develop new designs according to customer needs.