Who we are

FAR s.r.l. is an Italian leading manufacturer of fastening systems and is certified according to ISO 9001:2008. The company has been producing, for 60 years, high technology products that are able to provide the best quality and service performances.

We offer a wide range of blind rivets (available in different materials, for special applications as well and according to customer specification), blind rivet nuts (round, hexagonal, blind rivet bolts and according to customer specification) and, as our flagship, our riveting tools: hand tools, hydropneumatic tools, battery and automatic tools.

Our production, totally carried out and checked onsite in our plants in Bologna, is completed by the realization of automatic and semi-automatic riveting systems. These products are born from the necessity to optimize the working time and to provide customized equipment able to solve the problems of each different company.

Our values

Since 1957 FAR has been producing high technology articles to ensure the highest performances in terms of quality and service. Through a diffused national and international sales network, FAR, is an irreplaceable point of reference for all companies whose production or business requires high reliability of the results.

Since ever our nature of manufacturer has forced us to follow costantly the processes that involve our products, from the first step of the design to the after-sales service.
We keep believing that the possess of the production know-how as well as the management of the whole supply chain that accompanies the life of the product are the guarantee of our brand.