Farley Laserlab

Who we are

Farley Laserlab is one of the oldest builders of plasma and laser systems around the world. The company headquarters and manufacturing plant are based in Melbourne, Australia and has offices and technical centres in Chicago USA and Wuhan China.

As the World's specialist in cutting and welding technology, Farley Laserlab specializes in the engineering and development of advanced plasma, laser and drilling technologies for a wide variety of applications and industries.

The World’s Specialist in Cutting and Welding Technology


2016 FARLEY LASERLAB won the first prize of National Prize of Progress Science and Technology by Core Technology and Complete Equipment for Advanced Laser Welding and Cutting in Automobile Manufacturing.

2013 Chinese auto roof laser welding system with longest weld length was applied in JAC M111 Welding Project.

2011 World first pipe laser cutting production line was produced by FARLEY LASERLAB.

2010 Shenlong W23 Auto Roof Laser Welding Project became Chinese first auto BIW laser welding system.

2006 High power laser cutting machines and CNC plasma cutting machines were exported to European countries.

2000 FARLEY LASERLAB was acquired by Wuhan Huagong Laser Engineering Co.,Ltd.

1999 Farley and Laserlab merged into FARLEY LASERLAB.

1997 Laserlab was born in Melbourne, Australia.

Our values


To dominate global markets as world leader of cutting and welding technology


To provide world-class cutting machine globally and to ensure our customers


With more than 40 branches in China and 5 branches overseas, Wuhan Farley Laserlab Cutting and Welding System Engineering Co., Ltd persists in providing dynamic services to our customers.


By purchasing Farley Laserlab Australia, with over 30 year's history in CNC laser and plasma cutting machines, Wuhan Farley Laserlab completely absorbed their technology and improved it to be our own. With professional development and research center, we provide customized laser and plasma solutions to customers.

Our presence around the world