Who we are


FASA AB company manufactures processing, filling and packaging equipment for dairy products. Since 1959 the manufacture has huge experience in packaging field and it is well known in dairy industry all over the world.

We improve, change, listen to the needs and observations of our customers every day. Today we can proudly say that 99 % of our products are exported. We sell in more than 85 countries of all 6 continents: Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia.

Fasa equipment is designed for butter, margarine, processed cheese, yogurt, curd, sandwich type ice-cream, glazed curd cheese. We offer reliable machines for small and medium dairy plants. We produce equipment according to the needs of each customer and we do trials in the factory. Our technical team installs and does commissioning of equipment, trains operators at customers’ facilities. We provide warranty, consult and supply spare parts. The quality of FASA products is ensured by modern machinery and tools, properly adjusted processes and qualified specialists. All our machines are fully produced at FASA factory — from metal cutting and processing to assembly.

More than 130 employees are working at FASA. We have more than 30 agents working all over the world. It is very important for us to have such responsible team and loyal customers.

Our values


We are trying to develop the best solutions and product, which could help to create the value to improve the quality of the life for everyone worldwide.


Only the reliability maintains the long-term value of the product, so we are always trying to develop products that have a long and reliable service to our customers.


Only weak and low spirit people may conceal about problems or lie. We always try to be honest and open with everyone.


Professionalism is what we demand from each other. Every day we endeavour to make another small step into a new advanced level of professionalism.


We respect and cherish the traditions that have formed throughout the company’s existence for decades. This is our cornerstone and we are proud of it.


We are all as one. We understand that only being united we can do more and only being united with our customers we can achieve our vision.


All employees of our company as one of the family members trust each other. Only with confidence, we can win the trust from our customers.


We want to be leaders, so we look far ahead and try to apply all possible innovations in our products and services. The future belongs to innovative!


In most cases on our decisions depends client financial indicators, but we always try to be fair and not to use the customer's lack of knowledge. Therefore, our bid is always correct and optimal, depending on the complexity of the decision.