FIAM Utensili Pneumatici Spa

Who we are

FIAM People and Solutions has been for over than 70 years the most modern and dynamic Italian company manufacturing industrial tightening solutions. Designs and manufactures pneumatic, electric and DC screwdrivers, automatic solutions for assembly, air motors and pneumatic tools. Fiam proposes thousands of guaranteed solutions to increase productivity and reliability of industrial assembly processes, with particular attention to ergonomics and operator safety.

Fiam has built a solid partnership with the best international companies operating in the production of household appliances, motor vehicles, electromechanical and electronic components, furniture, etc., basing its solid ability to compete on an original and useful blend of reliable technology, efficient service, affordable price.

In addition to its well-established expertise in tightening systems, Fiam offers a complete range of pneumatic tools for all industrial applications (air drills and tappers, air grinders and sanders); not to mention air motors, which are useful in hundreds of different applications.

The recognized ability to listen and understand the production needs of customers is an exclusive service that Fiam provides its customers around the world, in order to choose the most effective solution together.
The sales network avails of qualified and up to date technical salesmen, of authorized distributors and of a branch company in France, so Fiam is always close to the customers’ needs.

To continue to be seen as an excellent business partner in the world of industry: this is our guiding vision; to develop effective solutions in the field of tightening systems and manufacturing process automation: this is our everyday mission.
Honesty, determination, reliability, professionalism and flexibility: these are the 5 values on which we’ve built our business and which will continue to underpin our future development.

Our values

"Honesty, determination, reliability, professionalism and flexibility: these are the 5 cornerstones on which we’ve built our business and which will continue to underpin our future development.”

Whether dealing with customers, suppliers or staff, we establish a relationship of absolute HONESTY, which is key to building a partnership worthy of
the name..

We value DETERMINATION, a quality expressed every day in our solutions: the product of our efforts and expertise.

We’re big believers in RELIABILITY, the result of an ongoing dialogue between man and technology. Every day, we work hard to produce solutions that will bring growth.

Without our PROFESSIONALISM, we couldn’t do what we love most: challenging the markets, because with every challenge comes great opportunity.

FLEXIBILITYis the concept that best summarizes who we are and what we do: it is epitomized in our solutions, which are born out of listening to each customer’s individual demands.