Filtration Group GmbH

Who we are

FG Fluid Solutions (formerly MAHLE Industrial Filtration GmbH) specializes in the cleaning and treatment of industrial oils and lubricants as well as air and water. With extensive application know-how, our own research and development, test facilities, laboratory and design, we offer our customers tailor-made filter components and process modules for all relevant applications in the segments tooling machines, mobile and stationary hydraulics, power generation and wind power, marine industry and industrial engines.

The product and solution spectrum of FG Fluid Solutions includes hydraulic and lubricant filters as well as automatic filters for coarse and fine filtration of liquids, pastes and similar materials. FG Fluid Solutions offers filters, equipment and plants for the dedusting of air and gases as well as system solutions, complete filters and filter elements. In addition, sophisticated filtration and separation technology is developed and produced for industrial plants, power stations and civil and military shipbuilding.

Our values

Together, we are making the world safer, healthier and more productive. 

Safer - Transforming operating rooms to make them safer for doctors, nurses and patients.

Healthier - Ensuring infant formula is free of impurities without reducing nutritional content.

More productive - Enabling the next generation of autos to run more efficiently.