Who we are

Imao-Fixtureworks manufactures and supplies a wide assortment of unique industrial products that range from modular fixturing components, workholding devices, to standard machine elements. Because many of these products are highly versatile and easily adaptable to different applications, they are commonly found within different applications, including:

- Designing
- Inspection
- Machining
- Finished Goods

In addition to the products shown within the 550+ page catalog, Fixtureworks is equipped to handle special orders or make modifications to standard products to meet specific application requirements.

Purposely, Fixtureworks only deals with a limited number of global manufacturers offering the highest quality products available. By working closely with a small number of manufacturers, Fixtureworks is able to offer in-depth product knowledge and provide superior product support.

Products include rest pads, grippers, quick-release ball lock pins and Swivots® from Fairlane Products®; handles, knobs and spring-ball plungers from Kipp®; clamps, modular fixturing and set-up accessories from Imao®; fixturing clamps from OK Vise®; low profile edge clamps from Mitee Bite®; and precision fixturing and mounting locators from Modern Industries™.

Fixtureworks also provides a host of components for modular fixturing systems, including bases (both blank and grid), plates, locators, and risers. Also available are a wide range of workholding and positioning components including grippers, rest pads and swivel contact bolts. They are designed to promote higher productivity, while their modular and economical replaceable wear surfaces extend the life of expensive jigs, fixtures, jaws and clamping mechanisms.

Our values

In addition to the thousands of products in our 550+ page catalog, Fixtureworks is equipped to handle special orders and to make modifications to standard products to meet your requirements.