Focke Meler Gluing Solutions, S.A

Who we are

Our long experience makes us an important specialist in everything concerned with hotmelt. The professionalism shown throughout these years, adapting to the continuous changes that have occurred in our sector, have consolidated us as a leading brand in the market.

Our wide and complete range of products allows us to resolve any hot-melt application need in many and diverse sectors, as we show on this website.

Focke Meler is a group of companies with an international presence and more than 30 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing systems for applying adhesives and sealants.

We have our own companies in Spain, France, Germany, UK, USA and Italy and partners in the main countries of Europe, America, Africa and Asia, as well as a network of distributors and technical assistance around the world.

The main goal of Focke Meler Gluing Solutions is to become your best supplier, wherever you are and whatever your need.

Each and every member of our organisation has a common philosophy: we work for and through our customers.

- Approachability: We listen to our customers’ demands

- Flexibility: We adapt to needs and act quickly

- Our know-how and our business structure allows us to provide fast, reliable, competitive solutions.

- We make customised solutions: with a standard quality product, we can adapt to our customers’ needs easily at a very competitive price.

Our values


One of the principles that governs our company is respect for the environment. We generate new solutions through research and the development of products that contribute to reducing the demand for energy thanks to their energy efficiency.


At Focke Meler Gluing Solutions, we are committed to research and innovation, with new technologies as tools for ensuring sustainability, efficiency and competitiveness. We make a great effort every day to move forward and improve the performance, safety and quality of our products and processes. We carry out strict checks to verify all our products and complete systems before installing them at our customers’ premises.


At Focke Meler you will always find support: we advise you from start to finish. For us it is fundamental to create close cooperation with our customers, establishing lasting relationships and collaborating with the success of your businesses.

- Comprehensive, quick, personalised customer service.

- Pre-sales and after-sales assistance.

- Fast order delivery and response times.

- Approachable specialised staff with great knowledge of the product and the applications.


Focke Meler’s management is fully committed to stating and applying a Social Responsibility Policy. Its contribution to sustainable development, adopting a responsible business ethic, can be summed up in the following points:

- Complying with the laws in each country where Focke Meler sells its products and applying international regulations where there are no laws.

- Consolidating actions aimed at ensuring respect for the environment and careful handling of materials and products that might be aggressive with the environment when used or when waste is disposed of as part of the company’s regular activities.

- Upholding and applying openness and free market rules, respecting the rules of free competition.

- Performing its management work with complete business transparency, based on mutual trust with shareholders and investors.

- Being open with information to suppliers and customers.

- Strictly observing regulations in the field of human rights, particularly in the hiring of children or tasks that are not fit for workers in general.

- Ensuring non-discrimination for reasons of sex, religion or social condition, ensuring that any worker is fully integrated into the group.

Our presence around the world