Focused Photonics Inc.

Who we are

Focused Photonics Inc. (also known as FPI) measures gas, air, dust and water, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of analytical instrumentation for industrial process and environmental monitoring.

In late 1990's, FPI was initially registered in California, USA for research and development of Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) technology and utilization. The establishment of FPI in 2002 was shortly followed by its successful expansion to steel industry where the cross-stack TDL of FPI built an exceptional reputation for the industries as benchmark process monitor. The entry into environmental monitoring was soon driven by customer needs. Leveraging patented technologies of how-wet UV spectrometer combined with well-established TDL, continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS) was re-defined by FPI resulted in sample conditioning minimized, reliability reinforced and cost reduced.

FPI provides one-stop monitoring of process, emission, ambient, and water. By combining global expertise with local support, FPI delivers only the cutting-edge technologies of analytical instrumentation with easily accessible networks worldwide. FPI continues to improve our local presence through subsidiaries and distributors aiming to provide optimal services to industries and municipalities.

Our values

Company Mission: Smarter Tech Greener World.

Enterprise spirit: attracted investment, share success.

Corporate values​​: collaboration, innovation, responsibility, customers.

Establishment: January, 2002
Capital: 445,000,000 CNY (approx. 73,000,000 USD)
A ChiNext company of Shenzhen Stock Exchange
Head Office: 760 Bin'an Road, Bingjiang District, Hangzhou 310052, China
Numbers of Employees: Over 6000 (2021)

Business Description:
1. Manufacturing and sales of industrial process instruments
2. Manufacturing and sales of environmental monitoring instruments
3. Manufacturing and sales of laboratory and scientific instruments
4. Manufacturing and sales of metal analysis instruments
5. Manufacturing and sales of hydrological instruments
6. Manufacturing and sales of other measuring and analytical instruments
7. Contracts for instrumentation services and operation
8. Contracts for instrumentation work, electrical work, telecommunication work, and other related work
9. Initiating and creating of intelligent city
10. All business accompanying the preceding items

Our presence around the world