FÖGE Elektronik GmbH

Who we are

Who we are :

FÖGE Elektronik GmbH is a full-service provider in the field of antistatic solutions and machine vision lighting. Our founders established the company in 2018. Members of our R&D, Design, Product Manegement team are focused on their field and they are experts about antistatic and machine vision lighting as they had collected more than 16 years ofexperience in this field. 

Our Culture:

Our customers rely on us as true experts, who understand their problems, solve them in the most efficient way with high quality products and guarantee a long-term stability. Thousands of customers all over the whole globe trust in this experience. We are focused on customer expectations. Our team of qualified engineers is working day by day to fulfill all expectations of our customers. As a part of our culture, we care about environment. We will keep designing and producing products with the highest level of environmental awareness.

Our Focus:

We develop solutions for following industries



Printing and press industry machines










General applications

which makes us a trustworthy business partner for our customers. Become also a partner of us and enjoy working with real experts. We will be more than exited to satisfy your needs. FÖGE GmbH your partner for antistatic products and machine vision lighting.

Our values

Our Mission:

FÖGE team committed themselves to fulfill all expectations of their customers for the products they manufacture and sell on the highest possible quality level. To fulfil the needs of ourcustomers we offer tailor-made solutions and batch production. Day by day we are doing ourbest to improve the technologies we are using in our business. All these activities are done under the aspect of sustainability and the ethics of humanity.

Our Vision:

FÖGE Elektronik GmbH will always guarantee a high-quality production process under international standards to deliver high class solutions to meet all needs of our clients. We will monitor all the technical developments to be a step ahead of our competitors and produce the best possible products at competitive prices for all our customers around the world. Understand the whole demand of our clients to solve them with the best possible available product and if not available to develop a solution which helps to solve our customers issue. FÖGE GmbH should become the most wanted expert for industrial equipment in the field of antistatic products and machine vision lighting. The whole team will be on the highest level of education and experience, the manufacturing process will be state of the art and FÖGE Elektronik GmbH should be a global player and most wanted vendor for antistatic products and machine vision lighting.

Our Background

STKTEC is a brand created by SIMTekno company which is owned by our founders, in late 2009 to operate in the fields of static electricity neutralization, charging and measuring, dust cleaning systems.

STKTEC, which has adopted the principle of domestic and high quality Static Eliminator production, has succeeded to become a brand preferred by machine manufacturers and end users in a short time with the application knowledge and experience of SIMTekno engineers.

SIMTekno Industrial Products Industry Trade. LLC. It was established in September 2007 in Istanbul to meet the lighting needs of static eliminators, static electricity loading devices, contactless infrared temperature measurement, contactless distance, displacement and thickness measurement, diameter measurement and camera image processing systems.