Fornovo Gas SpA

Who we are

We want to be considered a global benchmark in gas compression systems for the excellence of our technological solutions. At FORNOVO GAS, this goal stands on three key pillars:

Design & Engineering Excellence, ongoing technical research on our compressors,
Green Energy Excellence, the quality of Biomethane,
Sustainability Excellence, safeguarding people and the environment.


In the mid 1960s, Carlo Bauzone had the foresight to realise the potential of natural gas as a clean and cost-effective fuel for the future. He was a trailblazer in promoting the idea of responsibility and sustainability in the exploitation of natural resources. Mr Bauzone founded FORNOVO GAS in 1969, when natural gas filling stations were still taking their first steps in the world.

FORNOVO GAS has never stopped being innovative over the last 50 years and has continued to expand its operations that started in 1969 with the management of service stations to supply motor vehicles with natural gas. It expanded its operations in 1985 to include the distribution of natural gas in tanks and cylinder trailers. The company also handled the production, packaging, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of natural gas compression systems for transport until 2002.

In 2004, FORNOVO GAS decided to make full use of its know-how and experience acquired over several decades and produce its own line of compressors and solutions for natural gas. From the start, its aim was always to be acknowledged for its superior design and manufacturing based on cutting-edge technologies capable of improving the performance of the operation of its plant and the working life of its components. We have installed more than 1500 compressors all around the world since 2005, in the most diverse environmental, structural and regulatory conditions, making us a leader of excellence at global level. We have had ISO 9001 Quality certification, ISO 14001 Environmental certification, and OHSAS 18001 certification for Health and Safety at Work since 2009. We implemented innovative Carl Zeiss technology for 3D quality control in 2018.

Day by day, new people join the family at FORNOVO GAS bringing new skills and know-how. Today, we have operations in all five continents, with our own Area Managers and the support of our carefully selected international partners on site. We offer our customers our technological excellence, wherever they are in the world, for them to enhance their competitive edge and in order to help protect the environment by delivering high-quality natural gas, a fuel that is safe, cost-effective, and clean.

Our values

At FORNOVO GAS, the professional and personal growth of its staff is a fundamental aspect of its strategy and vision; it is the first step for building consolidated relationships based on trust, within the company and with our customers, suppliers, and institutions.

Today’s increasingly complex, global market demands managerial skills capable of looking ahead, excellent technical skills, and team work. In such a scenario, people are the most precious resource, the true added value.

At FORNOVO GAS, we are committed to pursuing the professional and personal growth of our staff, in a workplace that is modern, pleasant, and respects the dignity of each and every one of us.

By taking care of the environment inside, we are able to offer excellence outside: every work team at FORNOVO GAS has a specific job to do, but each one is always aware of the importance of listening to the customer, to ensure that even the most complex request is handled in a proactive climate of mutual collaboration.

At FORNOVO GAS, excellence starts with Design & Engineering and ends with the Sustainability of our operations. Because excellence is a question of technology and people.

We are proud of our MADE IN ITALY

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