Forum Industry SRL

Who we are

Lifting technique is an area where quality and safety are the main standards for carrying out an activity, therefore, all our work operates according to the principle "Safety and quality. Life is more important than price!"

We meet customer requirements with a wide range of high-quality products and solutions that match the specifics of each application. The PROlift® range for lifting and mooring covers a rich range of anchoring, mooring and pulling operations as well as complex lifting applications in various industrial and infrastructure areas.

Types of products manufactured, commercialised and marketed:

manual, electric and pneumatic hoists and trolleys;

textile straps (lifting straps and lashing straps);

steel wire ropes and fittings for it;

lifting wire ropes and slings;

lifting and lashing chains

grade 80 and grade 100 wire and chain accessories;

synthetic mooring ropes;

industrial clamps and special hooks;

winches, tirfors and pulleys;

jacks, magnets and scales;

hand pallets and load trolleys;

custom welded lifting beams and rows.

Our values

≡ Safety
Objective set since its inception for all our products. The operational safety of our products obliges us to maintain high quality standards.

≡ Respect
We respect our customers and our commitments.

≡ Profesionalism
PROlift® means a team of specialists with knowledge of the safety rules imposed by this field, as well as people responsible for the sale of such products. The service of the products is provided by staff with experience in the field of lifting technique.

≡ Improvement
In our daily work we help all our team members improve their knowledge, skills and attitude.