Who we are

FPZ SpA is an Italian multinational company that manufactures Side Channel Blowersto move air, technical gases, methane and biogas in compression

and aspiration systems. The company operates on the international market with 10 subsidiaries around the world and a global network of agents and distributors in more than 70 countries.

The company combines a before and after-sales service that is customer-centred and a flexible manufacturing process that meets the needs of the different markets. The goal of FPZ can be summarised in the expression "Blower Technology": to develop and guarantee technically advanced machines by applying the lean manufacturing method, which ensures defect-free, top-quality products and punctual services.

Our values

FPZ’s mission is to offer a wide range of blowers and accessories that can be used in several industrial sectors and to ensure excellent standards of reliability and on-time deliveries. The two key concepts at FPZ are customer service and customisation of products.

Our presence around the world