Fr. Jacob Söhne GmbH & Co. KG

Who we are

JACOB is the No.1 for modular pipework (tubing) systems in Europe. Conveying pipe systems for bulk good handling and dust extraction as well as ventilation plants for environmental techniques are the two large scopes for JACOB pipe systems. A simple and fast assembly, innovative developments and high-quality standards guarantee the leading position of JACOB within all industries requiring metal pipework in manufacturing processes. Customers are from the food industry, e.g. coffee, cocoa, chocolate, tobacco, sugar, the grain processing, the chemical, pharmaceutical and plastic industry, the car industry, feed mills, the chip industry, machinery, the paper industry or also the industry for building materials.


About 40 representatives in Europe and overseas ensure the proximity to the customers and a continuous growth of the market leader. Subsidiaries in Germany/Brandenburg, France, Italy, Great Britain and the US are members of the JACOB GROUP.

The headquarters of the worldwide group is located 45 minutes drive west of Hanover in the picturesque town of Porta Westfalica, Germany. Here is also the largest production plant. In total, the JACOB GROUP employs about 600 people. The pressing routes and our state-of-the-art laser manufacturing allow mass production with in-house developed tools as well as precise special constructions.

Europe`s largest warehouse of this kind - guarantees fastest availability of all standard items.

More than 8.500 standard parts

Fast production, right from our semi-finished products store.

Serial production with fully automatic laser welding systems

Powder coating plant with quality standard electrostatic conductive + FDA approval

Serial production with most modern and precise, self-developed tool

Our values

There’s a system behind what JACOB does: top quality standards, an outstanding innovative spirit, and an uncompromising choice of materials. Profound knowledge of the industry, customer orientation and expertise based on more than 95 years’ experience. International customer support, excellent service and round-the-clock availability. The result is perfect modular pipe systems and satisfied customers throughout the world.

Other pipe systems are specially produced for a project and welded together on site. JACOB has come up with a far more efficient way: Standard modular parts with lipped ends are fitted with a U-shaped seal and joined together with a pull-ring. This system is fast, tight and flexible.

The pipe components have a machine-lipped end turned out at right angles. The U-shaped seal is fitted over one of these lipped ends. A pull-ring is used to join the two pipe components together. This is either attached with two bolts or – if a QUICK CONNECT pull-ring is used – in one easy movement. For special applications, JACOB also supplies its pipes with a welded flange or a loose flange connection.

Anyone who thinks that this easy connection principle is second-rate compared to welded pipe systems is mistaken. These connections can be used at differential pressures of up to 0.5 bar and form a condensation leak-proof seal, making them ideally suited for extracting oil mist. There are even special versions of JACOB pipework systems that are up to 10 bar shock explosion proof.

JACOB components can be used to configure even the most complex pipe systems. Our range of products comprises of 8,500 standardized parts. And if that’s not enough, we are pleased to manufacture customized parts for you, which will allow you, for example, to connect our pipe system to your existing systems and machines.

Our pipe system guarantees the utmost flexibility due to its modular design. Existing systems can be freely expanded and modified.
Our pull-ring system can be assembled and dismantled in a matter of seconds. This reduces downtime, saves assembly costs, and enables your installations to be cleaned efficiently.

We currently store over 1,000,000 parts in our logistics center. We have additional warehouses at our subsidiary companies and agencies and so offer you fast availability of £13,000,000 worth of parts throughout the world. Pipe diameters of up to DN 400 mm can normally be dispatched straight from our logistics center in Porta Westfalica.

We offer you a pipe system of the very highest quality. We develop and build key elements of our machinery, such as flanging machines, ourselves in order to guarantee the outstanding leaktightness and longevity of our products. We invest continually in new production technologies, machinery, and processes to expand our quality leadership on an ongoing basis.