Frigojollinox s.r.l.

Who we are

Since 1977 Frigojollinox s.r.l. has been involved in the design and production of plants for the transformation of agri-food products. Over the years we have developed a catalog with more than 100 plants to produce canned food, traditional products, dried products, baby food, ready meals, dairy products and cosmetics.


Each plant is designed considering all the customer's needs. Extreme versatility in process customization, great energy efficiency with reduced consumption, systems to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the raw material while guaranteeing perfect sanitization, use of all the latest technologies and use of the highest quality components; these are the prerogatives of every Frigojollinox system.


The R&D department works every day to develop new technologies and to make each plant more efficient and innovative. In this process we make use of collaborations with universities and external companies with the aim of providing the customer with the best system on the market to carry out the required processes.


In the development of our lines we have always tried to meet different needs, for this we have created the Frigojollinox Modular System. A system that offers many alternatives, different in both technology and size, for each processing phase, allowing anyone to better organize their production line. The modular system also looks above all to the future, when with the development of the company it becomes essential to integrate the line with new plants that increase efficiency, technology or production quantities.


Frigojollinox food technologists carry out specific training courses for each plant and for each product, directly in the customer's laboratory. During the courses theoretical and practical lessons are held on food technologies as well as some processes with the production line. lessons will also be held on product standardization, food safety, use and maintenance of production plants.

Our values