FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc.

Who we are

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. is a manufacturer of load cells, torque sensors, pressure sensors, multi-axis sensors, and related instruments and software. Located in Southern California, U.S.A., FUTEK has built a reputation as a quality provider of test and measurement and control feedback products.

Specializing in the research and development of these advanced sensing devices; FUTEK’s products are used in many industry applications, such as medical, system integrations, automation, and robotics. Vowing to produce the highest quality in performance and reliability, FUTEK’s product line stands unmatched within the test and measurement industry. Every stage of design, development, and production is driven by an elevated quality standard. In fact, FUTEK guarantees that all products will meet and/or exceed the quality requirements outlined by the customer.

FUTEK provides the most effective sensor solution for your specific project. This cutting-edge technology provider brings you its expertise in system integration with a full line of instrumentation and software to ensure a complete testing platform. FUTEK prides itself for having a thorough support team available to their customers, including pre- application R&D consultations, as well as post-sales technical support.

Our values

Mission Statement

Recognizing customer challenges and providing ideal solutions by utilizing our 3D vision:

Design a creative and innovative product line

Demand excellence in our products, services, and people

Deliver successful results

Quality Policy

FUTEK’s Quality Policy is to consistently deliver products that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations by continually improving the effectiveness of Quality Management System.

Our presence around the world