Who we are

GELEC Energy and the energy market: Gelec Energy focuses on one of the most important markets in the world. GELEC Energy is committed to introducing efficient alternative energy solutions to a market that is traditionally provided by diesel electric generators. Gelec offers three ranges of groups from 9 to 1200kVA, but also a RENTAL range. GELEC designs, manufactures, manufactures and assembles power generation solutions, diesel or biofuel thermal generators (vegetable oil), intelligent storage tanks (HPOD) and hybrid electric power stations. Strongly involved in research and development GELEC Energy is developing new solutions for advanced energy production: the first hybrid electric generator (HKUB), the electric generator which operates with vegetable oil, the reservoir HPOD intelligent storage and development of PV-diesel power plants. Our research department designs and monitors the manufacture of highly powerful container units or addresses specific integration problems.

Our values

GELEC has designed a range of simple electrical generators that are reliable and meet the essential needs of the most frequent users, offering investment costs and easy maintenance. All our production is constructed order to ISO 9001 procedures and is marketed under several ranges of industrial generators from 8 to 2 000 kVA, diesel and soundproof, single phase or three phase, at competitive prices. GELEC Energy, which is strongly committed to producing "green" machines, wanted to quickly be at the forefront of alternative energy solutions using biofuels and energy storage to produce hybrid generators that have a lower environmental footprint But being economical: the Bioil (vegetable oil) and cogeneration group ranges have been developed and marketed.