GESIPA® Blindniettechnik GmbH

Who we are

Founded in 1955, GESIPA Blindniettechnik GmbH has become one of the leading international companies in the blind rivet sector. A high level of quality and reliability of the GESIPA® fasteners along with the innovative and the innovative and high-quality riveting tools have made GESIPA® a valued partner to the trade and industry. The intensive consultation and cooperation with our customers guarantee the highest quality solutions specifically adapted to the respective application.

Our production sites worldwide work with commitment and passion every day to produce high-quality and innovative products. Foreign sales are handled by our numerous subsidiary companies and many international representatives. We place huge importance on proximity to our customers, so GESIPA® will be represented anywhere your customers set up production sites. Even though our famous riveting tools can only be produced in Germany for legitimate reasons, GESIPA® makes sure service is provided locally with speed and reliability and guarantees that spare parts will always be available close to where customers are based – no matter where they are in the world.

Our values

In a company with business activities in different countries and cultures, a maximum of mutual understanding and trust is required. Common values form an important basis for this and serve as a decision-making tool. Our values within the GESIPA® Group are valid for all employees among themselves as well as perceptibly vis-à-vis our customers and partners. It is the values lived at GESIPA® that shape our collaboration and make us successful.


At GESIPA® we constantly set ourselves high goals and measure our results. We don't just think in small steps, but plan our goals for the long term - because we also want to be successful in the future. The focus of our work is to create maximum benefit for our customers and partners and to commit ourselves to them. Our daily work is characterised by independent and success-oriented action. In doing so, we show initiative and again and again the courage to take risks, but also to act simple.

Positive attitude and enthusiasm

We constantly develop new ideas. We embrace change and are quick to get innovations implemented. This may be challenging, but we at GESIPA® have the stamina and strength to withstand change. Changes and challenges offer great opportunities for the entire GESIPA® Group to become better and better. We are happy to share our enthusiasm for our products and services with business partners and colleagues.

Experience and competence

GESIPA® can only be as good as its employees are. Knowledge management plays an important role for us and we are always keen to provide our employees with knowledge and experience and to train them further. Our employees are exceptionally well qualified.


The knowledge of a team is greater and deeper than that of an individual employee. We attach particular importance to communication, as well as the respect of different opinions. In teamwork, information must not be withheld, because teamwork is more important and inspiring than individual combat.

Sincerity and mutual respect

Mistakes happen - we don't deny that. If errors occur within the GESIPA® Group, it is important for us to talk openly about them and also to stand by errors. At GESIPA®, the appreciation of every employee as an individual is particularly emphasized.

Trust and reliability

We trust our employees and business partners, because without trust, a successful relationship and work with colleagues and partners would not be possible. We are reliable and in the event of deviations from agreed information we see ourselves in the debt obligation to correct them.