Giovenzana International B.V.

Who we are


Founded in Italy in 1952, Giovenzana has gradually consolidated its experience in the field of safety components for industrial technologies. In the 1970s, Giovenzana began its path of internationalization
by opening up to new European and International markets. The gradual expansion around the world has been combined with a growing diversification
of its product range linked to the research for new business sectors. With 68 years of experience, Giovenzana focused its strategy on creating innovative and reliable products that can anticipate the market needs.


Giovenzana sells to 75 countries and develops components in compliance with European and International standards. Giovenzana exports all over the world and manages its customers through a competent and available global sales network. The business relationship with customers is facilitated by a structured back office and the presence of a renewed website that guides the customer in the conscious choice of the right product.


The R&D department shall consist of specialized technicians, highly trained engineers, designers and researchers able to satisfy the technical needs of the customers. The R&D Department works daily step by step, starting from the product design up to, through the various phases of prototyping, verification and testing, to the final products.
All these activities are carried out with the highest quality managements in order to satisfy the most stringent and restrictive product specifications.
Use of advanced design software, prototyping machines and all the technical equipment of our test laboratory allows the company to develop new technologies implementing the most featured devices. The R&D Department actively cooperates with the Consorzio Intellimech, a private consortium of large, medium and small companies aimed at interdisciplinary research in the field of mechatronics.


The solutions offered by Giovenzana derive from the company’s extensive knowledge of the requirements of industrial electrical devices and are in line with all relevant International standards.
Since 1952 Giovenzana creates, designs and produces safety solutions able to satisfy the needs of its customers within its business areas:

-    Handling system;
-    Industrial Automation;
-    Elevator and Escalator technology;
-    Atex and IECEx equipment.


Giovenzana International B.V. has four manufacturing units. The historical one in Italy, two others in Hungary and the new one in Brasil.


Giovenzana, in order to support the market and its different necessities, has created a global organization that is always in process to cover territory in different hubs.

Our values


Quality, competence and safety solutions have driven Giovenzana daily work, to develop the best products for all market requirements. Today its high quality products are recognizable all over the world. Giovenzana aims at environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. Giovenzana mission is safety above all by offering experience and expertise in designing reliable, ergonomic and intuitive safety devices. Its mission is to anticipate the different markets’ needs to become a reference point for its customers. The intention is to create an ongoing link between the market and the company.


Development, design and production are combined to achieve a common goal. Giovenzana products are the result of innovation, experience and the daily application of own technological knowledge. Over the years the company has constantly design new solutions by developing new skills and increasing the safety of its products.


Attention for products quality, innovation researches and continuous development of new projects by our R&D department, represent our daily commitment. The commercial success of a product is the end result of the combined efforts of all human resources operating within an organizational structure that is devoted to quality.
Today Giovenzana Quality Management System is based on processes according to UNI ISO 9001:2015, ensuring the coordination of all business activities, from design to production organisation, from purchases to sales, from after-sales assistance to dimensional and functional controls of samples and products.
With the standard UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 Giovenzana uses new technologies that limit the consumption of raw materials, energy and natural resources in order to minimize waste and emissions, protecting the environment. All the products are of certified quality and follow the guidelines Rohs, Pfos, Raee and Reach.

Our presence around the world