Who we are

The GLOBE Group is founded in 1986 for the design, production, sales and service of airmotors, high pressure pumps, test systems, gasboosters and air amplifiers. The GLOBE Group consists of four different companies: GLOBE Benelux BV, GLOBE Airmotors BV, GLOBE Services BV and GLOBE Test Equipment BV. Globe has an enthusiastic team with a lot of experience, ready at your disposal. Service and short delivery times are very important according to the four GLOBE companies. Short delivery times can only be maintained when there is a stock that is sufficient to fulfill the need for quick airmotor demands. As a result of this, standard products can be delivered from stock, at all times. GLOBE keeps the production within its own organization, making it possible for customers to come up with unique specifications. New products are being designed, developed and tested in our workshop before they are send to the customer. Part of GLOBE’ service are fast answers to questions asked by customers or potential customers. Besides service and short delivery times, GLOBE finds overall quality very important. GLOBE has a ISO 9001 certification. Air motors and other pneumatic propulsion devices are often used in explosion risk environments such as mines. To ensure that GLOBE products are allowed to be used at these hazardous environments, GLOBE obtained ATEX certificates for all their air motors and gearboxes. Delivery is possible with ATEX zone II.

In the last decades GLOBE has developed a wide program of pneumatic products to fulfill the wishes of every customer. The GLOBE program contains the following products: – Pneumatic drives: for every situation and application complete pneumatic drives can be delivered. This includes pneumatic valves, gearboxes and pneumatic brakes. – High pressure test pumps and test systems (liquid): mobile, ready-to-use, systems or custom build systems for general pressure testing can be delivered. All these systems function on pneumatic high pressure pumps. – Gas boosters: for the pressurizing of industrial gas up to high pressures. Gas booster systems are also available. – Air amplifiers: used to locally increase the air pressure. With GLOBE air amplifiers there is no difficulty doing so.

    Our values

    As a team of experts with lots of experience, we are here to help you with all your questions about air motors, high pressure equipment and –systems and everything that is related to this matter. A big benefit is that we have our own production department. Because of this, we do not just exactly know what we sell, we can also provide customization for all our products.

    The GLOBE group has a high standard when it comes to the quality of our products. Pneumatic drives are often applied in explosive atmospheres. That is why all our air motors, including the gearboxes, are ATEX certificated. We are ISO 9001: 2015 certified to guarantee our work processes and quality.