GM International srl

Who we are

The Company was founded in 1993, but the core Management experience remarkably exceeds over 40 years of qualified activity in hazardous locations and industrial electronics. GMI products have been successfully installed in plants all over the world, including Europe, Russia, North America, Middle and Far East and China.

GMI designs, engineers and manufactures a complete range of Intrinsically Safe and SIL 3 certified devices that meet the stringest quality requirements, ensuring the highest production standards in Intrinsically Safe applications. Our products are used in automation packages such as DCS - ESD - FGS - BMS - HIPPS - PLC - SCADA, in several industrial sectors: Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Fertilizer, Mining, Food & Beverages, Marine.

GM International has obtained SIL 3 Functional Safety Management approval by TUV according to IEC 61508:2010 standard.


Our products have been granted I.S. certificates from the most credited Notified Bodies in the world. Certificates are available for ATEX (Europe), IECEx (International), UL/FM (USA and Canada), EAC-EX (Russia CTU and Ukraine), NEPSI (China), PESO (India), TIIS (Japan), INMETRO (Brazil).

All certificates are available for download from our website

GM International offers localized pre- and post-sales support through its network of subsidiaries and partners. Our sales network ensures fast response wherever you are.

Our values

“Responsible technology, across generations”: This motto drives our long-term responsibility. We design Intrinsically Safe and SIL 3 Instrumentation to prevent accidents and reduce risks for people and environment. Our goal is to create a safe working environment and to contribute to a sustainable development, minimizing the impact on climate and reducing risks for today and future generations. Safety can be perceived as a burden and a cost, instead of an advantage with a reduction in overall ownership costs. Our goal is to raise market awareness for the importance of safety in all industrial processes, and as a human fundamental value.


Quality means complete customer satisfaction; that is defect-free products and custom tailored services with consistent quality at the highest level. This is why over 10% of our employees are dedicated to research and development for the innovation of our products. Furthermore, our production facilities are located in our Italian headquarters to retain direct control of the manufacturing processes and maintain the highest level of standards. Decision not to migrate or outsource to a low-cost country; quality that turns into actual behaviors.

At GM International we aim to maintain transparent relationships, not only within our team, but also with our customers and partners. We are proud to show the high value of our people, products, processes, and organization transparently. Relationships strengthen when people become more transparent with one another; and a company or individual who does not disclose or share information should not be trusted.

Our presence around the world