GNC Meccanica

Who we are

GNC Meccanica was born in 1996 in Pesaro. Thanks to its long experience and consolidated presence in the Italian national market, Gnc Meccanica began manufacturing its own CNC suction-cups range for glass and marble processing

Over the years, GNC Meccanica steadily increased the number of shapes it was able to manufacture, producing suction-cups for many CNC machines manufacturers. In 2010 GNC Meccanica floor space require expansion due to increase in business volume; so much so that the company took the decision to a larger building of 1,100 square meters. Today GNC Meccanica is the first Italian manufacturer of suction-cups, tool forks and accesories for marble and glass processing, with a wide range of products for any height and CNC machine manufacturers.

With more than 1,500 products in its catalogue, GNC Meccanica is able to needs, providing customized suction-cups and / or special high-precision accessories. The company is committed to constant improvement in the performance, reliability and quality of its products, with a view provide an answer to your needs, with a reasonable price. GNC Meccanica, through direct supply to the largest CNC machine manufacturers is already present in the Italian market and in the main European markets, as well in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Russia, Japan, Taiwan and the UAE.

Our values

Our experience has taught us that, to not fail the goals set, you must develop the products primarily following the needs of the customer, offering experience, seriousness, quick answers and above all a stronger quality of the time.