Gravotech (ex Gravograph & Technifor)

Who we are


Humans have a unique quality: to be able to express themselves.

With the cutting-edge technologies that we master for permanent marking and engraving, we are giving this power to objects.

The result of the integration of pioneering technologies, we are constantly exploring new solutions to innovate and shape the future of the Expression of Things.

Laser, mechanical engraving, scribing and dot peen: we are the only ones to pioneer and master all these types of marking.

We are a manufacturer of machines, CAD software and Consumables with support all over the world.

We know the entire chain, from creation to production and service to provide you with the offer, best suited to your needs.

Gravotech was born in 2008 from the merger of Gravograph, Technifor and Type3 and unified under one brand in 2020.

We are proud to be present with our equipment with more than 60,000 customers in the world, who trusted Gravograph and Technifor and now Gravotech with high diversity in size and activity, from our smaller retail customers to largest consumer brands, fab labs to professional engravers and largest industrial manufacturers.


With our direct presence in over 50 countries, we always have a marking and engraving expert close to you to bring their expertise and know-how in qualifying your application, installing your equipment and training your collaborators.

With Gravograph and Technifor, we have had an established international presence for more than 80 years in the US and Europe and more than 30 years in the Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Designed in France and made near you, our equipment is manufactured and supplied from our 3 production sites in Duluth, Atlanta (USA), La Chapelle Saint Luc, Troyes (France) and Shanghai (China).

6 Products sold worldwide every hour

18 Subsidiaries (across 4 continents)

175 Distributors

Our values

The values embodied in Gravotech's DNA are expressed across all brands, subsidiaries and around the world.

Team spirit is one of the main values of the group, which for us means cooperation based on trust and open-mindedness to succeed collectively.

We strive to meet customer expectations through innovation and agility to ensure their lasting satisfaction. This is our second key point and we define it as customer focus.

We aim to conduct our actions with courage, transparency and reactivity in order to act and take decisions for the benefit of the Group. We feel co-responsible for the success of our teams.

Excellence is one of our promises, we are proud of our highest quality standards in each of our fields of activity. We strive to contribute to this overall dynamic by making the most of our skills and abilities and by training ourselves to improve them.

Finally, inseparable from others, to collaborate with our customers, distributors, subsidiaries or employees, the watchword is of course respect. We believe that everyone has an important place in the Group and must be treated with openness

Our presence around the world