Who we are

The SANERGRID® Group is specialized in the electrical energy business and in particular in high voltage transformers.
The SANERGRID Group is a Franco-European group based in France. Our 4 group entities, SYNERDIS, SANERGRID, SONEC and TECHNIKELEC, support you in your renovation or new electrical substation projects.
SYNERDIS is our activity of distribution and representation of electrical materials. Among which KOLEKTOR ETRA power transformers, TrafoELETTRO dry-type coated transformers, special anti-corrosion treatments, MIDSUN HTA bird protection, SPI hydrocarbon contaminated rainwater drainage filters, as well as other high voltage protection and equipment solutions.

SANERGRID is our engineering, design and manufacturing business for environmental protection solutions in electrical substations. We offer turnkey solutions for retention tanks and retention pits equipped with fireproof systems for electrical substations, remote retention pits for power transformers, extinguishing systems for transformer roller pits, flexible pits for storing dielectric oils, silent block systems and anti-vibration dampers for electrical transformers, and we regularly innovate in order to offer you customized solutions.

SONEC is our service activity, in order to offer services such as site supervision, turnkey project management of unloading and assembly of transformers, or turnkey environmental services such as cleaning of retention pits and evacuation of soiled rollers etc... Bought in 2018 by SANERGRID, SONEC was one of the French leaders in fireproof retention solutions.
Finally TECHNIKELEC is our e-commerce activity of online sales of accessories and spare parts for activities related to electrical transformers.

Our values

Our values

SANERGRID® has decided to carry in Europe, in Latin America and in Gulf states, its values to serve its clients:

Innovation dedicated to environment

Cost reduction,

Environmental impact.

Our presence around the world