Guangzhou Special Control Electronic Industrial Co;Ltd.

Who we are

Guangzhou Special Control Electronics was established in 2012 and it is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to providing one-stop computer hardware solutions for industry customers. Integrating R&D, manufacturing, and sales, it has a professional team that has been engaged in the industrial control industry for more than 10 years, and has obtained more than 30 national patent certificates. It has cooperated with INTEL, Rockchip, Huawei, Loongson, Zhaoxin, Feiteng, Microsoft, In cooperation with leading industry companies and research institutes such as Galaxy Kylin, Tongxin, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University, South China University of Technology, etc., we continue to polish our unique advantages and create value for the sustainable development of industry customers

Our values

Guangzhou Special Control is to provide customers with high-quality, highly reliable industrial computer platforms; we also advocate unique value, control according to needs, and provide customers with professional customized services, including application scenario analysis, demand confirmation, and product parameterization , Electronic structure design, prototype testing and verification, mass production, qualification certification derivation and other comprehensive customized services.

In terms of hardware, we focus on the development and customization of industrial tablet computers, handheld tablet computers, industrial integrated workstations, industrial displays, embedded fanless machines, rack-mounted industrial control machines, industrial servers, and industrial motherboards;

In terms of software, we customize BIOS, boot LOGO, tailoring operating system, etc. according to customer needs;

In terms of integration, we can provide customers with a complete set of streaming media solutions, machine vision solutions, MES system solutions, motion control solutions, and face recognition solutions.