Guidetti Recycling Systems

Who we are

GUIDETTI S.r.l. Company was born in the 80s with the goal to find solutions to recycling needs of nowadays Society.

Our Company is basically aimed at the researching and developing of innovative products in the fields of industrial scraps RECYCLING and inerts' crushing

The machines are designed and projected according to users' needs to give the right answer to scraps' treatment and materials' recovery.

These are the leading reasons for customers' total fulfillment as evidenced in different levels:

Economy: profits coming from different sources: time saving in terms of manpower with consequent economic and financial profitability;

Ecology: recovery of materials, dry system;

Innovation: unique innovative machines. They are made according to parameters of compact dimensions and weight thus allowing great mobility and easy installation in several fields (Industry, Building construction).

The wide range of machines has been designed by a technical staff managed by the projector Mr. Mauro Guidetti.

Our values

The production process is carried out at our headquarters by highly qualified personnel who directly follow the assembly and final testing phases step by step.

The value of recycling is both economic and environmental
- we preserve the planet for future generations
- producing wealth.

Guidetti's commercial network covers a vast territory both nationally and internationally.
- to be close to customers and provide a prompt and punctual service.
- GUIDETTI research and development studies will increase to maximize the number of recoverable products to contribute to the environmental economy.
our offices are in
ITALY Cento (FE)
EUROPE Belgium
USA Atlanta (GA)
ASIA Bangkok (TH)