GVF Impianti Srl

Who we are

GVF Impianti Srl was founded in 1964 by three partners: Ing. Mattei, Fiorini Mario and Gozzi. Thanks to their experience in building and designing machineries and plants, gained in USA, they firstly began to serve the foundry sector. Years after years the company has slowly enlarged the production range, by supplying products in more and more sectors of application and to different types of customers. In 2000 the business passed from one generation to the next, and the Fiorini family aquired the complete owership of the company. Like the ownership of the company also the company philosophy has changed, becoming more and more customer oriented. Recentely the company has enlarged its target markets abroad, by suppling goods and establishing business relationships in a lot of European countries. During next years our main goal is to to grow further with the support of our selected partners,and to satisfy our customers’ requests with high quality solutions.


GVF Impianti Srl designs and produces in-house both standardized and customized products, in order to satisfy each possible customers’ need.
Various sectors of application are covered by our company's production. The main corporate divisions are: pneumatic conveying system, bulk material handling, mixing, foundry, recycling and filtration.
Favored by more 55 years of experience and a strong knowledge in different sectors, we provide reliable machineries, equipment and turn-key solutions.


Our company studies each production process of its customers, in order to provide them with the best solution, not only in terms of productivity, but also in term of efficiency and effectiveness. This allows our company to be able to project the entire sytems’s functioning and management logic. Engineering department uses the most up to date design and 3D simulation systems. Engineers interact with the mechanical production department, and follow all the production phases up to the assembling, the start-up and the commisioning of the machine in customer’s premises.


Our company is able to provide also a complete service of in-house industrial automation, for its machineries and its complete turn-key plants, thanks to an internal software development department, which follows and studies all projects in order to provide the best solutions. The software developmnent department takes care of the software project and the mechanical automation project. It follws also the creation and assembly of
control, power and monitoring panels. Moreover, in order to offer the best solution possible in terms of industrial automation, our company has established some important partnerships with the major global parteners such as Siemens. This results in a fundamental quality guarantee and improvement.


GVF Impianti was born in 1964 and started its production in machines and complete plant for the foundry sector. Years after years it extended its production range and acquired a solid experience in the bulk material handling sectors. GVF Impianti service is fully comprehensive and is underwritten by over 55 years of specialist experience in bulk solids handling system and engineering. This impressive background, together with the in-house production and engineering is your guarantee of total satisfaction, from the first consultation to the final installation, commissioning and after-sales support.

Our values

Grown and well-established in the company during decades of experience, the GVF Impianti’s company values are based on a customer oriented vision.
The will and the ability to give technical solutions to each customer’s specific need are the peculiarities of our company philosophy, thanks to a problem solving process, which basis on decades of experience, on advanced calculation and simulation softwares and an extremely differentiated range of products.
GVF Impianti Srl keeps high quality standards, gives its customers effective solutions and helps its customers achieving their final objectives. This has always allowed the company to grow professionally and to give to the customers a high added value.