Hebei Matson Metal Tech Co., Ltd.

Who we are

Matson is your one stop supplier of custom metal parts made from machining, castings, forging and fabrication. We are dedicated to ensure your parts are created on spec, on budget and on time every time to meet your changing needs. Over the past 20 years, running a machining factory and keeping partner relationships with qualified subcontractors, we have built our complete supply chain network and provided high-end products to dozens of offshore customers. But we're far from being done building our history, and we hope to make you a part of our future.

As we all know, metal component is about quality. The supplier you choose can make or break your enterprise. In Matson, we strongly believe in delivering quality through commitment, work on the forefront of innovation and technology to take products from idea all the way to customer defined finished products. Our commitments are precision quality, on-time delivery, and overall excellence in the production of custom metal parts as required by our customer. We strive for accuracy and promptness from the beginning to end of each production process. We pride ourselves on the fact that some of our customers have been cooperating with us for over 15 years. Our industry leading record in quality and delivery makes us your best choice for custom metal components.

Our values

Our Faith:

Industrial component is about quality. We devote our heart and soul to this challenge. Our employees, who we call partners, are always heart of the company because it has nothing to do with business or money or a job, it is our passion. We made in faith, whether in the past or in the future, we will devote ourselves to industrial component manufacturing as long as the market needs our value.

High Quality:

“Quality” is one of our key differentiators in a crowded market. We are fully versed in international quality practices and standards and we would never compromise on quality. Our Quality Assurance System ensures high quality on an ongoing basis. Our Quality Control team is especially strict to the Quality Control of Inspection, rejecting any samples or finished products that fail to meet your requirements.

One Stop Shop:

For every metal part you need in your production line, we work seamlessly with strategic partners to fulfill a wide range of machining capabilities and supply chain capabilities covering castings, forgings and fabrication. In doing so, we save you from the trouble dealing with multiple suppliers and act as your quality control and logistics departments. It would be another cost saving by consolidating all the supply chain operations in one shop.

Professional Knowledge:

There is an old saying, “It is not what you know, but who you know". Our Precision Engineering Specialists bring your designs to life and create the best solutions for your business. We have extensive industry knowledge and can manufacture products to your requirements, whilst consulting on best practice. Thanks to our in-depth production expertise, we keep 100% sample approval rate.

Cutting-Edge Technolog:

We apply 3D scanning, 3D printing, Solidworks, Pro/E, UG, AutoCad and state-of-the-art casting metal flow simulation software to minimize the time spent on sampling cycle. We use CNC machines made by the world's finest builders like Mitsubishi, DMG, OKK, O-M, OKUMA, Doosan and Haas and also use CMM and various general gages fpr inspection. The utilization of world’s finest equipment and latest software technology keeps us at the forefront of this industry.

Efficient Communication:

We communicate on your part needs more clearly and efficiently because we think and know your expectations standing in your shoes with many years’ experiences. We are very detail-oriented to our components and exactly honest to what we commit, project manager responsible for tracking WIP, reporting progresses weekly for new projects or urgent orders. You will have a complete capture in real-time of what you are buying from us.