Herkules Hebetechnik GmbH

Who we are

An international corporation with well-known products
IRT Industrial Curing, develops, manufactures and supplies custom-built IRT solutions to all industrial sectors. This unit is also in charge of special adaptations of the standard IRT products. Our products are internationally recognized and highly valued.
IRT is a trademark belonging to Hedson Technologies, an environmental engineering

Our values

Flexible solutions to effective drying

IRT transforms advanced curing technology to practical designs based on assembly line requirements. IRT IR shortwave and UV solutions need very little space
compared to other dryers. Our gold coated FreeForm reflectors guarantee short curing times on large curing areas with even heat distribution and reduced nergy consumption. By irradiating the object rather than the surrounding air, every project is environmentally suitable. Excellent fit in tight areas and full output in seconds with IRT SingleHeater and Power cassette configurations.

Our presence around the world