Hiller GmbH

Who we are


With about 6000 decanters manufactured, Hiller is a world-leading manufacturer of decanter centrifuges and a specialist in the construction of entire

plants for solid/liquid separation.

From application-specific customised solutions through to cost-effective serial production – Hiller sees itself as a supplier of made-to-measure

solutions that fulfil our customers' requirements in the optimum way.

Founded in 1971 by Georg Hiller Snr, Hiller is a medium-sized company in Vilsbiburg (Bavaria). Since 2018 Hiller GmbH is a member of the Swiss Ferrum Group.


With 50 years of experience in developing and manufacturing decanter centrifuges and turn-key plants, we guarantee the highest possible product quality.


Hiller is an innovative company with state-of-the-art production facilities and continuous development of manufacturing processes.

As a matter of course, we utilise the latest tools across all project stages, from design to planning and project management through to production.

Our values



As medium-sized business we develop and produce decanters and also do integrate these in turn-key plants on customers‘ requests. We do focus on increasing efficiency with our resources and thus strenghten our competitiveness. We manage to reach the surplus which is required for the further development of the company.


Our advantages over our competitors are generating customer advantages by solutions which take into consideration their whole process. Here we focus our efforts on markets and applications. These markets and applications fill our customers with enthusiasm and thus offer added value for our customers.

Strenghts and advantages over our competitors

Our strenghts are smooth processes in the company, the will to succeed and a flexible team.
We consider our members of the team and their skills as most important asset of the company. Thus we do invest in training and qualifications for our staff.
Our relationship to customers and colleagues is that of a partnership and of sustainability.

Our presence around the world